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Nurflügel Sticker & Cards NEW

Available via mail or at the following homepage

Here is the Nurflügel sticker professionally made, good for all places, also outdoor (car, plane etc.)

Available in brand NEW + bigger (12,5 cm diameter) and in cool silver & b/w.

Also new: Nurflügel cards now available !!!

The dealer had the chance to get some very interesting (as he thinks) never published Horten III b pictures !!!

These pictures are from the private photo album of old Horten worker and sailplane pilot Alfred Deutsch.

Now, 60 years after snapshooting them, he was so kind to give him the originals for his 1st nurflügel edition.

(Don´t miss the chance to get these rare cards, professionally offset printed on fat 300 g/m² glossy paper)

Isn´t it the right medium to send your greetings to your nurflügel friends?
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Updated 29.05.2002